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What Are the Essential Parts of an Online Marketing Dissertation Proposal?

In its simplest terms, an online marketing dissertation must first be approved by a graduate advisor through a document most commonly referred to as a proposal. It basically outline the research work a student intends to do for a graduate project to earn a master’s or PhD in whatever field they specialize in. The trouble is that most students do not know what the essential parts of a proposal are, and often need to write several drafts before getting it right. The following article outlines everything a student needs to know about writing a great marketing dissertation proposal:

  • Stating the Research Problem
    The first thing you should do when writing your proposal is immediately state what the research problem is. This is s combination of providing Gaps or questions surround your topic and your proposed methods for conducting your study. It’s important that you clearly describe what your specific research methods will solve and how it will make a contribution to the marketing discipline. Don’t get bogged down with an in-depth description, just a few sentences should be fine.
  • Providing a Literature Review
    So what are literature reviews? Simply stated they are lists of known academic literature related to any given marketing topic. In a proposal you need to demonstrate your knowledge of a topic and the literature revolving your topic. An appropriate review should include about one or two sentences for each resource you are listing, as well as a slight description of why it contains a gap within the discipline. This will help the committee determine whether you have conducted an appropriate amount of pre-research to proceed with your specific study.
  • Describing the Study Design
    The dissertation research study design is extremely important because it precisely describes how you will conduct your work. It is used so that academics in the future can replicate your study and arrive at the same results. Of course, they will not be doing the same study but it is a professional courtesy to trust the work has been so well-documented that it can be replicated precisely and that the results would be exactly the same. This part should not include any personal opinion but be a factual account of how the study is intended to be conducted.
  • Requesting an Official Approval
    Some majors require an official approval, not just from your graduate advisor but from a committee of no less than three department heads. The formal request needs to be written within your dissertation proposal. How to write this varies depending on the major. There are a number of templates available on department’s websites, but it is also recommended you check online and even consider hiring a professional writing expert to do one for you.