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10 Inspiring Ideas for Creating an Impressive Sport Dissertation

Never before has the sporting world reach such a level of success. This billion dollar industry has paved the way for thousands upon thousands of new and exciting careers; and these aren’t just careers for athletes, these are careers catering towards all industries, including medicine, technology, and marketing to name a few. The following are 10 really great sport dissertation ideas for you to use towards your pursuit of a master’s degree in the field.

  1. Should sports athletes face greater fines or legal punishments for breaking federal or state laws? Should they be held more accountable because of their role models statuses or is this a violation of their rights?
  2. How have recent advancements in brain activity measurement technologies opened the door for widespread player safety initiatives? Do these protections help or harm sports in terms of entertainment value?
  3. In what ways has technology in sports medicine affected the way teenagers and young adults approach their training and preparation? Is there any proof that early awareness prevents injury or is this random in nature?
  4. Sport figures are consistently making millions of dollars through a combination of professional contracts (for playing) and marketing deals, but they are often subject to the same tax codes as most citizens. Is this fair?
  5. Do athletes get preferential treatment when it comes to minor legal violations such as breaking a local ordinance or civil code? Do you think this applies more so when the athletes are considered hometown heroes?
  6. Why hasn’t there been a great push for sports psychology dissertation writing or its funding? Are sports psychologists viewed as a lesser contributing group to the field of mental behavior as it relates to general psychology?
  7. How often should players be evaluated for changes to their brain activity now that we had the opportunity to learn more about potential dangers? Do you think player safety should have priority over entertainment value?
  8. In light of many recent drug offenses and a growth in player suicide, should the government intervene with the ways major sports leagues are managed? Is it incumbent on the government to make these decisions?
  9. Are sports psychologists getting the appropriate amount of credit for the kind of work they do to ensure good player mental health? What are the biggest contributions that they’ve made in the last two decades?
  10. Should sports medicine specialists provide their recommendations for the governance of youth sports? What effect would this have in improving or damaging the levels of participation in organized youth sports?

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