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20 Fresh Topics to Explore in a Sports Marketing Dissertation

Before one begins their research study towards completing a sports marketing dissertation, a student must first select a solid topic idea. One can consult a number of resources – from past readings to current issues – to develop said ideas, but the best place to find fresh marketing dissertation topics is a professionally curated list like the one below. Feel free to use these at your discretion and share them with colleagues along the way.

  1. Should parents have control over the types of endorsement deals their adult children enter?
  2. How often should player marketing contracts be renegotiated for my accuracy and fairness?
  3. Are academic athletes being misdirected towards contracts which make the most money?
  4. Is it right for players to market products that originate from other countries instead of local?
  5. How many marketing dollars should clothing companies play to have their products endorsed?
  6. What power does brand loyalty have in long term sales goals by companies with new products?
  7. Is preferred seating an effective way of winning potential new customer support and loyalty?
  8. How does corporate sponsoring affect the way teams and the company are viewed by clients?
  9. In what ways have sports marketing changed since the age of the internet began 30+ years ago?
  10. Which sports have benefitted the most because of sports marketing since the early 1990s?
  11. How does sport marketing negatively/positively affect the way people view violent athletes?
  12. Should corporations pull sponsorship before or after an actual conviction of accused athletes?
  13. How can a well-written sports marketing dissertation affect the enrollment rates of students?
  14. What partnership strategies lead to the most effective deals between athletes and companies?
  15. Are companies investing enough funds to keep up with changing trends in sports marketing?
  16. Should sports marketers discourage certain partnerships in favor of reasons from ethics?
  17. Are sports athletes held accountable enough for the profits they lose for sponsoring companies?
  18. Should athletes have the right to void endorsement deals without facing a heavy breach fine?
  19. What protections should athletes look out for before signing an endorsement clothing deal?
  20. Why does the Olympic committee prevent certain sponsors from advertising their products?