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Guide to Composing a Sports Management Dissertation Introduction

The first chapter of your sports management dissertation, or the section title introduction, should provide an overview of your topic, a problem statement, and a thesis statement. There are tricks to write an effective intro that generates interest in a reader (e.g., using a hook statement such as an question, quote, or anecdote), but this article will focus on including the most essential parts of the first chapter to a sport management dissertation instead of writing strategies. Here’s what you will need to know:

  • Motivation
    The first few sentences of your graduate project should answer a simple question: what is your motivation for conducting the study? It can be something from your readings or a recent news story. Just make sure your topic pushes explores a new area (pushes the envelope) within the discipline.
  • Scope
    Next, you will need to describe your specific topic from any of a number of sports coaching dissertation ideas you have thoroughly considered. In your definition be as specific as possible – you should always attempt to address a niche area but don’t make the mistake of wanting to research more than you can handle.
  • Relevance
    With precise arguments you should then state the specific relevance to your study and research. What contributions will it make to the discipline and how will it help others in pursuit of future studies? Describe your studies practical use including the ways it can be applied to solve problems in your field.
  • Objective
    Next, you will need to present the objective of your research, which includes what you hope to accomplish as well a thesis statement or hypothesis. When writing the thesis statement you can use responses to any objective questions you have used in the statement above. Just be sure you don’t go to in-depth. Be as straightforward as you can to avoid any and all confusion.
  • Study Design
    Your study design is important because it is what your entire study will be judged against. Again, be as specific as possible so that anyone who might want to do the same study can follow your precise steps and arrive to the same results.
  • Outline
    Finally, always describe how your dissertation will be structured and arranged. Most graduate studies can follow a template but there are some disciplines that can move away from these templates if a modified presentation of the study would be better suited following a different structure or arrangement.