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Doctoral thesis methodology section?

The methodology of a doctoral thesis is one of the most critical points in a paper. This is the section upon which the empirical basis of the entire research is based. Often, students get confused between methods and methodologies. Methods are the ways or tools of doing a scientific study. On the other hand, the methodology is the philosophy behind adopting a particular research method. It answers the “why” of choosing a particular research tool.

Okay, let us put together all the pointers to show why methodology is important.

Write the methodology section clearly

  1. It establishes the rationale behind your research; why you choose this particular method for your study?
  2. It will give your supervisor a clear idea about how will you analyse the particular information you received and whether you have a comprehensible knowledge of data analysing.
  3. It proves the validity and reliability of your study.
  4. Overall, a methodology will establish the fact regarding why you want to study this particular topic in a particular way and not the other way round.

So, now we hope you have got a clear idea on why should you write the methodology correctly. Now, let us come to the most important section- how you will write the methodology.

How to write a methodology?

  1. The first pointer you should remember while writing a methodology is the philosophy or the rationale behind the study.
  2. Write precisely how you obtained the data from the methods you chose will affect the findings of the research and how interpreted them.
  3. The next pointer you must write is the approach to the research. In this section, you will write clearly about the context of your research, try to answer the “Why” questions and mention the limitations you faced.
  4. You must show that the data which you have collected is consistent with the acknowledged approaches in the discipline of your study. The methodology should include points regarding how the adopted method is appropriate for the objective of the study.
  5. Make very clear whether the method you have chosen is tried and tested or is inclined toward experiment and how you have concluded the study. These are some of the points your supervisor will ask for details during viva.

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