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A Selection Of Great Topics For A Dissertation On Library And Information Science

Library and information science students are tasked with writing a complete paper at the end of the semester with the intention of testing all that they’ve learnt throughout the course. The trick to composing a good environmental science dissertation paper is to select suitable dissertation topics in library and information science – one that is known to the student but at the same time is interesting and unique enough to hold the attention of the readers.

List of dissertation topics for library and information science

  • “Digital curation has now been recognized as an emerging domain that demands a separate set of skills as well as expertise.” – In light of this statement comment on the participating role of professionals in digital curation.
  • Conduct a thorough study of the accessibility of library website in the case of users who are visually impaired.
  • How can one make sense of professional work? Give some examples of metaphors that can be used for information and reference service.
  • Carefully explain the role of inter-professional collaboration for the support of scientific learning. In the same vein, try to conduct an exploratory study of the experiences and perceptions of public librarians, science teachers, and school librarians.
  • Would you consider library research to be a form of collaborative information seeking?
  • How would you prepare for an in-depth research on exponential random graph modeling along with its use in information science studies and the library?
  • What is your opinion on the online health information seeking behavior spotted among some elderly folk through the different parts of the world?
  • Provide your own view on the trend of reading on the go. How has this sort of reading behavior affected the undergraduate users of smart phones?
  • Conduct an information literacy competency study on undergraduates. What kind of tools would you require based on a latent trait model?
  • Would you consider performance evaluation to be a tool that helps one take strategic decisions regarding the serving of visually impaired users?
  • What sort of question prompts can be used to assist young people when it comes to critical technical practices in marker spaces in museums, libraries, and other community-based youth organizations?