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Free Advice on How to Complete a Strong Sport Psychology Dissertation Conclusion

The conclusion to a sport psychology dissertation is one of the most important parts because it’s your last opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression on the reader. There are a dozen ways to bring your assignment to a close, but none are as effective as the method described below. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Summarize and Synthesize Your Main Points
    Your conclusion serves one major purpose – to bring your occupational psychology dissertation to a close. This is best achieved by starting with a simple summary and synthesis of your main discussion points. These should include a complete rewriting (not just a simple cut and paste) of your thesis statement as well as your major sub-topics.
  • Describe the Significance of Your Work
    Your contributions to the field should never be disregarded. Months of hard work should be recognized not just by your peers but by you as well. Without sounding too much like you’re bragging state the significance your work will have on the current available research as well as that which has yet to commence.
  • Bring the Reader Back into the Real World
    Up to this point you have taken your reader on a long journey that will have pulled him or her away from the real world. It is your job to widen the academic lens and take the reader out of the in-depth academic focus and undivided attention your dissertation project demanded.
  • Write a Closing that Leaves an Impression
    Finally, make that last sentence count. Just like your first sentence works to hook the reader your last sentence should leave a lasting impression. End with a quotation, a question, a call to action, or anything else to make the reader think about your work well after he or she has put it down.

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